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Iron Tail, 1904

Image Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

‘Your Fathers the Ghosts’ -
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Scotland
by Tom F. Cunningham

for 2020 -

The Lies and Legends of Montana Bill

by Tom F. Cunningham


This site is solemnly and respectfully dedicated to the memories of Kicking Bear, Short Bull, Lone Bull, No Neck, Charging Thunder, Charging Crow, Revenge, High Bear, Calls the Name, Johnny Burke No Neck, Iron Tail, Philip Blue Shield, Sam Lone Bear, Little Bear, and all the other Lakota men, women and children from Pine Ridge agency and elsewhere who are known to have sojourned in Scotland, as our forefathers’ honoured guests, while they were members of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West entourage. Also to the memory of Black Elk, who is believed to have left Mexican Joe’s entourage in Manchester shortly before the visit to Edinburgh during May - June 1889.


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Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Scotland